Set sail to a greener future with Harbor Stake Pool. Our solar-powered servers, backed by Tesla batteries, lead the way to decentralization. Join us and anchor your stake in the revolution!

About Us

Set sail with Harbor Stake Pool and navigate the rewarding waters of Cardano staking. At the helm of our journey is a family-driven team, anchored in the philosophy of decentralization. As a member of the xSPO Alliance, our course is charted towards strengthening the Cardano ecosystem’s decentralization. With Harbor Stake Pool, you’ll experience the power of green staking like never before. Our fleet of eco-friendly bare metal servers, powered entirely by the sun and backed by Tesla batteries, ensures our operations are 100% sustainable, day and night. We reject the currents of centralized cloud computing, choosing instead to sail the clear, green waters of self-reliance and environmental responsibility. Embark on this voyage with us at a competitive 2% margin and the lowest fixed fee of 170 ADA. Join Harbor Stake Pool [BOATS] and be part of a crew dedicated to improving the decentralization and sustainability of the Cardano Blockchain!

Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us if you cannot find an answer to your question.

What are the hardware specs of your servers?

Solar Powered Bare Metal Servers – HW configuration of servers CPU:8core|RAM:32G|SSD:1TB – 1 Gbps up/down

How many relay nodes does BOATS operate?

We currently operate two public relay nodes; the second of which we brought online shortly after the pool in June of 2022.

Pool Info – [BOATS]